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  1. Games that really take you back to your childhood

    Definitely has to be Star Wars episode 1 Racing. played that game with my dad and bro all the time. also a random neighborhood kid would come thru the door and watch us play for hours without us ever knowing he was there. he never played, never said a word, just watched from the couch secretly
  2. Your most played game?

    Most played game League of Legends at 2,777 hours, this used to be my favorite game throughout college. Favorite game definitely PUBG atm I'm at 867 hours, love duking it out to see whos better, even if most of the time its not me
  3. Whats Your Favorite Console?

    Do PC's count as consoles? lol definitely have to go with PC tho. You can customize it pretty much any way you need and put almost any part you want into it, and change it whenever.
  4. Whats Your Favorite Console?

    i really want the switch, just so i can play breath of the wild. Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite franchises, but i know that will be the only game i play on it :(
  5. Sweet, thanks Pseudo ill give it a try
  6. By the way, @Pseudonymn, how do you get a video replay that also has the voice channel in it? all i can get is the replay from pubg server
  7. nice games guys, also love that pan action getting in there :)
  8. wats up @Hyakki, im a newbie


    1. Hyakki


      Yo! Welcome did you get my PM?

    2. DarthRazac


      yes i did, thank you. it might take me awhile to get used to this, i have never used a forum before, reddit confuses me