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  1. Good to know that it's not an isolated way of feeling! Yeah, a switch in mindset can be a great help. Maybe focusing less on the day to day and having some long term objectives could help put the focus onto the macro rather than the micro allowing you to have more fun (worrying less about minor blips) and rank up over time! @TrickSt4r I think that's a human thing ^^ if we could play consistently every day at the same exact level we'd be more like robots. GL to all with your climbs and thanks for the great comments (:
  2. Ah ok, I feel like I need to work on double touches/tricky aerials like ceiling shots so I'll give it a look thanks for the heads up
  3. what rank are you playing at @MrRain? I practise biddles consistency training every day and I'm looking for more to add what's the flying pancake one like? and yeah @Wolfuo it's that constant yoyo effect, it doesn't bum me out I'm just trying to look for a more efficient way to climb.
  4. Yeah I'm not on rocket every day so I get the chance for regular breaks, good advice for anyone though!
  5. Another point worth considering is how easy the car is to control with the recoil after you hit through a ball. Personally I find the octane much more manageable to line up for double touches when some re-adjustment is required (probably because of it's ability to turn quicker in the air as mentioned earlier in this post), a longer car ends up skewing my second touch way more often.
  6. It would be interesting if they changed it from being a blanket exp system to having different categories to exp in. For example, they have the 'tactician' or 'striker' certifications, they could make it so you exp in these ranks with things such as specific item drops or titles. Would give you a reason to practise obscure techniques and reward you more for having a specialist play style.
  7. Been struggling to make that leap from c1/c2 to c3 and above, consistently practice more advanced techniques but I find they don't stick, I'm at a loss for what to do in terms of progression and development. Any advice from someone who's made the leap or maybe just some pointers for general gameplay I might have overlooked are welcome.