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  1. I don't know how many of you watch Overwatch Contenders but at the moment I am enjoying it more than Overwatch League. It feels more friendly and I enjoy the fact that there aren't any teams with 12 players of which 5 don't get any playtime. I also enjoy ZP's casting a lot and last night's match between XL2 and Toronto Esports was crazy (http://www.twitch.tv/overwatchcontenders/v/237853567?sr=a&t=2s)! It somehow felt way more exciting than a lot of the OWL matches have felt.
  2. He is a great player and in some of the controversies I felt like he was treated kinda unfair but as a Fuel fan I mostly want to see them succeed and him being benched half of the time and other stuff happening around him I feel like it's better for them to release him. I felt like he enjoyed streaming more than playing professionally anyway so hoefully he does well in that regard.
  3. Season 9 SR: 3900 Battle.net: SubutaiV321#2533 Division: 15