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  1. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    Generally, eggs, bacon, pancakes and toast are my favorite. I only eat that on rare occasions, but it most definitely is my favorite breakfast meal. Most mornings I go with just coffee and maybe a slice of toast with butter, or an english muffin.
  2. I like Combat Tag's and Battleground servers for improving my aim. Combat Tag's more for learning the mechanics of the gun, and Battlegrounds for improving my tactical approach, finding cover whilst moving around the map and using weapons appropriate for certain situations.
  3. GPU overheating

    I'm having this same issue. I've already cleaned out the dust in the case, there are plenty of fans. I'm thinking that since it is an older machine, that the thermal compound me need to be re-applied.
  4. Either farm for a big group and hope they train you, or go on a low pop solo only server just so you can learn all the game mechanics. I would also recommend going to and aimbot server and practicing with the weapons that are easy to obtain... bow, crossbow, nailgun, revolver. Just remember this game takes time to learn. I have literally spent hours just fighting with rocks just for the practice.
  5. L1 - Bow or crossbow, and either a waterpipe or a revolver. L2 - Python, semi, p2 L3 - AK and a Bolty for sure