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  1. Favorite type of bread?

    I think bread is really boring and I'd rather not eat it but real French croissants (does that count) and baguettes are the best, if you buy them here they really aren't the same at all though.
  2. Favorite food... GO!

    My moms lasagna, never had a better one
  3. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    Pancakes FTW, love staying over at a friends' house who has a very big pancake iron
  4. What graphics card do you have?

    Sweet, good deal
  5. Sensitivity or DPI?!

    Does anyone have a source?
  6. Buying Pre builds?

    The general rule is to never buy prebuilds as they usually have bad PSU's and shitty cases BUT with the recent GPU/RAM prices some of them are actually worth it. Do your research on the parts to see if it's actually a good deal or check places like r/buildapcsales (Reddit) for a good one.
  7. I got the Corsair MM300 extended mouse mat not too long ago and I should clean it soon, if I scratch it a bit the dust that is embedded in it comes out and shows a line. I really like it to be clean so that the surface is flat when I play FPS games and thus already wipe it gently with a microfiber cloth daily. I want to wash it without ruining its feel but when I tried just using some soap and lukewarm water on my old mouse mat it didn't really help that much. So, how do you do it and what mouse mat do you use? Has it visibly aged and did the feel of it change? I'd love to hear what works best for you.
  8. My Mic Won't Work, Send Help

    I'm guessing you've already gone to volume mixer to make sure you got your mic selected and that you've tried to let Windows search for drivers in the device manager?
  9. How To Get THE MOST FPS?

    How does a monitor make your FPS higher? Make sure your drivers are up to date, get more RAM, or a better CPU/GPU and make sure your temps aren't too high. You could also overclock.
  10. What kind of monitor do you use?

    I have that monitor and although I really like that it's 144hz and the options you have I wouldn't recommend buying it because it doesn't have a DisplayPort, which is starting to really get mainstream and there's already GPU that only support it. If you have an AMD GPU you can get the monitor you linked but if you don't I would get one that's a bit cheaper as you are still paying for Freesync. I'd much more recommend the VG248QE as I've heard a lot of good stuff about it and it does have a DP, I've never heard of the monitor you linked though. If you play FPS games get 144hz, if you don't you are probably better of spending your money on an OLED/VA panel.
  11. Upgrading Pc suggestions

    Get a GPU, you can disable the integrated graphics in your motherboard BIOS. How much are you willing to put down for new parts? Don't get more RAM, you don't need it.
  12. Wireless vs. Wired Mouses

    I would recommend the G403 wireless. I absolutely love that it's wireless and I really like the buttons and just the overal quality feel. It has one of the best sensors and fact that it's wireless doesn't mean it has a lot of input lag at all, it actually beats a Razer Deathadder (still very close of course as with any good mouse). It runs for about 25-30 hours on a single charge so you don't have to recharge it often at all and if you do it does it very quickly. The Logitech software notifies me when I have 30% and I believe 10% battery left and it shows it using it's LED's. With 30% left I can go about 2 days with it still but if I just plug it in (which is very easy as the wire should be on you desk anyway for a good connection) while browsing the internet or watching some Youtube I can charge it up again really quickly or just do it overnight, never had it fail on me.
  13. Let's see. Download speeds?

    You should
  14. What graphics card do you have?

    Got a GTX 1060 6GB before the mining started
  15. Let's see. Download speeds?

    Love glass fibre