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  1. Man incorporating maps would be interesting, before we make the map we need to figure out how to choose the gym leaders and the types. any ideas anyone?
  2. I think this would be a cool concept like Pokemon conquest but with gym leaders haha
  3. My favorite Pokemon is Arcanine, this was before I even got into competitive battling. I was never into trading cards but for some reason I loved this Pokemon and always had to have it in every game I played, then in vgc17 he was the most used mon and I loved it. Not sure why a legendary was never a favorite but idk everyone is different!
  4. Im loving all of these ideas. I think it will make events more enticing!
  5. Man I got so pumped reading this!! This is awesome, a lot of fun and I can't wait til its implemented!!
  6. We should pick one of these teams and ladder with it as a group on mics. I feel like that would be a lot of fun and maybe division vs division idk haha
  7. I think it just adds a new dynamic to the meta with teams being created using a new intimidate user and teams made to counter teams with landorus and inciniroar. I do think that if this was introduced in vgc 17 he would've been up there with arcanine.
  8. I agree, beginner friendly events could get more people involved in Pokemon since its harder than people give it credit for! I am willing to do whatever to help let me know!
  9. Here are some thoughts that I have had and shared with a couple people, I believe if we had more fun tournaments like the meme tournaments and reward for champions (not sure if division matters) It would be a lot of fun and people would make more incentives on top of just competing and being active for the sake of it -More friendly competitions between the two pokemon divisions and the formats would include smogon, vgc and randoms, (any questions about this let me know) I really think more friendly competitions would increase activity and we could even have other challenges such as laddering challenges as well and weekly events at a time people agree too let me know what you think!! This is some of what I had thought up and any help or feedback or suggestions or even other ideas would be freaking awesome!