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  1. Probably gonna have a busy weekend. Enjoy the weekend events!

  2. Games where high ping doesnt matter?

    Even with playing on local servers, I still lag. It's probably more hit or miss.
  3. Games where high ping doesnt matter?

    I'd say any strategy game or any turn-based game.
  4. Whats your favorite mobile game

    One that I recommend, is Game Dev Tycoon. it's an indie PC game that got ported to mobile, and very well done. Like the title says, you develope games from the 1980's to the near future. Watch some gameplay and see for yourself if you'd be interested!
  5. Pretty much... Stick with the fundamentals, then either learn how to hit those fancy shots, or learn how to block those fancy shots.
  6. I'm C1 and trying to stay there. The Flying Pancake is a cherry picker, redirect course. They all involve an aerial of some sort to hit some tricky shots. There's one in particular that has the possibility of landing a ceiling shot. I find it helpful for getting consistent at hitting the ball in the air. Which is where I struggle a lot.
  7. What's helped me is to play some Custom Training Courses. Don't worry about 100%'ing anything. I don't feel that's the right way to actually practice anything. Rather, re-try every shot until you nail it 2 or 3 times in a row. Whatever you try, preferably something that involves aerials. I tend to play the Cherry PIcker and The Flying Pancake Training packs often. Helps a lot with redirects and aerial control.
  8. Image Request

    I'm making a Banner for my YouTube page and I need some help with making an image. I play Rocket League a lot and I typically use the Jager. I want to use a picture of the Jager but by itself, with no background. Does anyone know how to do this and is willing to do this? I use Paint.NET and I'll see if it's possible and how well I can make it look on my own in the meantime.
  9. Kind of... It's a short and tall hitbox so it actually does fit it better than any other hitbox. The Dominus, Breakout and Plank are long and flat so we'd have another Scarab situation if that was used. Here's a Visualization of every vehicle, what hitbox they're using and how they fit around the car model. https://imgur.com/a/UXwju
  10. It uses the Octane. the only hitboxes in the game are: Octane Breakout Dominus Plank Hybrid Batmobile (2016)
  11. So I went through my large catalogue of replays and right when I'm about to pull them from the folder, the dates for some of these replays are not matching in-game from the folder, making it impossible to tell which is which... Does anyone know of a remedy to organize or tell what replay came from where or when? EDIT: So I got scared but I realized Windows should have a "Date Created" tab and not just a "Date Modified" tab. Stupid enough for Windows, that Date Created tab is OFF by default.... I turned that on and now I can match the dates and times! If anyone else runs into this issue, now you know how to fix it!
  12. I'm new to town!

    Enjoy your time here! Anytime I wind up reading your posts, I'll make sure to imagine the Irish accent even if you don't got it laddy!
  13. What TV series do you enjoy most?

    I kind of stopped watching TV on a regular basis. There hasn't really been a show I've been interested in following for a while. But I can list a few that I've watched and enjoyed. Burn Notice - An American spy ends up in Miami, FL with no ID, no credit card, no resources. He has to do whatever he can to make a living and find out who 'burned' him. Psych - A keen eye detective pretends to have supernatural predictive powers and helps with local police investigations with the help of his friend Gus. It's a funny and goofy show worth watching. Monk - Do I need to explain this one? Just in case, it's another detective show where Monk is OCD and a germaphobe but because of his high-sensitivity to details, he makes for a great detective! It has goofiness to it but it's a little more subdued compared to Psych. NCIS - I know, this is kind of a typical crime show but I think it's the best out there. The writing and chemistry between the actors is very well done and not flat like other similar shows. If you don't have anything at all to watch and want to kill some time, I recommend this show. The funny thing is all 4 of these shows were on the same network at the same time. So I'd have days where only that channel was on.