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    Videogames duh. My wife duh. Photography and throwing out some dope raps.
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  1. Favorite rapper

    Logic is freaking ridiculous. His new album is dope
  2. Favorite rapper

    Post Malone is sick. Lol what Billy Joel song
  3. Let's see. Download speeds?

    Im hovering around 800-1000 mbps download and 500-800 upload
  4. Favorite rapper

    Childish gambino is one of the most talented people out there lol
  5. Favorite Hard Candy

    Same. The black kind is waaaaay better.
  6. Anyone watch rick and morty

    Did you get szechuan sauce from McDonald's??
  7. Favorite rapper

    His music definitely is an inspiration in mine. Awful things and save that shit are my top 2. I feel that i grew up the same way
  8. Ordered a futon, got a 55" 4k tv

    It counts man.. it counts. I once ordered 2 big macs and got 4 orders of mcnuggets instead
  9. Favorite rapper

    Agreed. What are your thoughts on lil peep? I know he can't make anymore music rip
  10. Favorite rapper

    I agree hes a great songwriter. What do you think of 6ix9ine?
  11. How old is everyone?

    Thats how i feel almost turning 23 lol
  12. Smoking it hurts my chest bad but edibles and ointments i find to work awesome
  13. whats everyone's favorite cereal?

    They dont have these where i live. Cinnamon toast crunch though is the best
  14. Anyone watch rick and morty

    When is season 4 premiering?! The wait is killing me..😥
  15. Favorite Restaurant

    Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse?