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  1. I drew it! Been using it online for years now.
  2. First PC Game?

    I have vivid memories of playing Curse of Monkey Island while sitting on my dad's lap, or watching my mom building houses in the first The Sims. Those were the first video games I ever played.
  3. Which type of gamer are you?

    The second one! I laugh a lot when playing.
  4. What is your least favorite Sensation?

    People biting down on forks or rubbing them on their plates. That sound gives me chills.
  5. What would you do if u were an animal?

    Sleep! Sleep sleep sleep. Then occasionally be fed by whoever takes care of me. So, not much of a difference!
  6. Describe your game in 1 word

  7. If you`re reading this...

    Discussing with the rest of the group the D&D session we just played!
  8. Favorite Legend of Zelda?

    Majora's Mask was my favorite, too, followed by Wind Waker. But Breath of the Wild took the top spot once I finished it.
  9. Favorite board game

    I love board games! The ones I play the most often with family and/or friends are: Dominion Settlers of Catan Small World Betrayal at House on the Hill Dead of Winter Welcome to the Dungeon Pandemic Not sure if it counts, but I also play tons of D&D. I have bought Tabletop Simulator on Steam and I play these online, too. If anyone else does, feel free to add me on Steam, we can play a few games sometime :)