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  1. A tribute to Stephen Hawking.

    I had a ringtone with his voice. Now I feel bad about it.
  2. First PC Game?

    Super Mario Brothers 2 and Supaplex.
  3. Whats your favorite mobile game

    Since I spend 2 years working on mobile games of all sort with some big publishers, I am not playing mobile games anymore for a lot of reasons. The last game that I have tried on mobile is Mario Run.
  4. Hello there Folks

    Hey there Ladies and Gentleman, I am Francisc, been around here for 2 weeks now and I am loving it. Part of the PUBG division (XIV) as an Elite, and I am looking forward to enter a competitive team. I am an ex-aaa game designer that worked on games such as For Honor, Watch Dogs 1 and 2, Assassins Creed, The Crew and more. Been in the industry for like 10 years and now I went indie for like 1 year and a half and I have a remote based studio where I am the CEO and we are 25 people working across 4 projects now. We have one game released and we are working on 3 more now. Had one other start-up before this one called Balkan Bears, an e-sport organization - and we were fairly popular in League of Legends and Dota2, and we have trained dota2 players like Weeha that ended up winning TI. A lot of the people around here have a lot of questions for me around being a game designer and all and I will do an AMA soon in General Discussions so keep an eye on that. I joined DI because I wanted to play PUBG in a competitive context with friendly people. Another reason why I joined is that I am very interested to see how a community like this one functions and why is there a disconnection between game developers and gaming communities. I have been playing games for a lifetime and I had several Guilds in WoW for 10 years, played competitively League Of Legends, Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament 2004. I am also keen to contribute in the Branding team because I am also a professional graphic designer for 11 years with a phd in visual communications. Can't wait to do an AMA, I bet you guys have lots of interesting questions and curiosities. Cheers and thank you for having me around.
  5. Games that really take you back to your childhood

    For sure the AOE Remastered edition. I get the shivers even when a mob it's making an ordinary sound, lol.
  6. Collectors?

    I collect snots below my desk. Anyone else?
  7. Fast Food

    It distresses me when I take my seven-year-old nephew out. I cook healthy food, and he wants to go to McDonald's. He doesn't even like the food; he just wants the toys, the Happy Meals. I can't stand to see people walking down the street eating fast food.
  8. I never payed much attention but I do get lower FPS in TPP than in FPP. I think they should implement camera culling based rendering for both perspectives. I don't know if they have it in FPP, but for sure this will increase the overall performance of the game.
  9. Thank you for the kind words! Sure thing, anything you'll need - but don't count on tight deadlines - do tell me what would you need with a good bandwidth :)
  10. Hey there, If you guys need any help with something I am an established graphic designer with 10 years of experience and a game designer. I have experience across the board with web technologies and visual communications. I am more specialized now in UX/UI but I can do pretty much anything - check my portfolio here.
  11. I prefer TPP to have fun, but FPP when playing in competitive. The whole argument around "oh, the enemy can see around corners and stuff" it's total BS from my point of view. If you don't want to be camped over corners and stuff, you just need to be more cautious and be careful at positioning and routes. I have not been killed because of this so called "issue" for over 6 months now. It's a non-problem. At the same time, most streamers play in FPP so people are more likely to say "git gud, iam playin fpp cause me wantz to be pro, TPP iz for noobz" because they have a big impact around the perception of the playerbase.