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  1. Favorite rapper

    All day my fav is Machine Gun Kelly. Just so good.
  2. XXXTENTACION's new Album '?'

    Just wondering about peoples opinions on his new album. I think some of the songs in it are sick. However i'm still not a massive fan. What do you think?
  3. I just use anything i want to or feel like using to be honest xD I change it depending on mood too
  4. What steam level are you?

    Im pretty low tbh, not been trying to level up in a while. If i get round to it and have some more money I will definately buy some csgo keys and trade them for steam card sets to get rly high. Would be sick
  5. Collectors?

    I have loads of old match attax cards. Somewhere upstairs i have a lot. I don't particularly collect them but i have a lot of snapbacks like yourself. I pick them up if i like them or want them xD. I wanna get more tho
  6. The banners and decals are the only reason im keeping the dlc tbh. They are very nice Meh i dont use that much customization tbh, i kinda just leave me car very plain.
  7. What kind of mouse do you use?

    Basic Logitech G402. So nice and fits my hand perfect.
  8. It all comes down to preference tbh, I like longer cars. I use the skyline a lot and love that for aerials.
  9. What would you do if u were an animal?

    Depends what animal.But id definitely sleep more lol
  10. What music you like in the game

    I just chuck one of my playlists on, no specific genre, i play better if im singing to myself rather than in comms tbh
  11. Need new Headphones

    Headphones, already got a mic separate.
  12. Need new Headphones

    My Sennheiser headphones have recently broke, and i need to buy some new ones. I dont have a massive budget. Cheapest is better. I can spend max £50ish. Any recommendations?
  13. Whats Your Favorite Console?

    Either Xbox 360 or ps3. Ive put so many hours into both.
  14. Do them wheels come with the DLC? o.O
  15. I bought the new cars (as one does) and i'm not massively happy with them. They just feel a bit meh and not amazing. I'm honestly considering refunding it. But i wanna know what other people think about them.