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  1. http://www.dbltap.com/posts/6004672-overwatch-new-hero-brigitte-set-to-be-released-tuesday?a_aid=41197 Thought I'd share :3
  2. I main DVA :D I love her cos shes fun, shes fast, she shuts down ults, harrasses flying pharas :D and most importantly, she NERFS THIS!!
  3. i use the small circle in green, seems to work for me :3
  4. Let's just Qoute daddy Jeff Personally I think Moira is just fine the way she is ^^
  5. Good Riddance, OWL doesnt need the negative effect of a homophobic racist on their teams o.o imo he just put OWL in a bad light, him leaving should have happened much earlier, how many slaps on the wrist does a person need before learning? xQc obviously didnt learn anything from his mistakes. Goodbye manbaby :3
  6. urgh Komle, its a norwegian dish, made out of grated potatos, mixed with some flour and salt, and in the middle is some salted meat.....might not sound so bad but it is o.o had it once never again
  7. Waffles or pancakes

    Pancakes, Not really Big on waffles atleast not the ones they have here in norway o.o guess they might be a bit different? D:
  8. How do you like your steak cooked?

    Medium rare :D Nom i like it to be a bit juicy not hard like a shoe sole XD
  9. Tea or Coffee?

    Coffee :3 ive never really been big on tea D:
  10. Art Programs?

    Currently, i use Sai, Manga studio and photoshop XD sai for sketching and coloring, Manga studio for line art :3 And Photoshop for effects if needed ^^
  11. Think Being the last person on the planet would make you a bit loopy, I mean imagen the silence, no cars, no planes, no nothing. Eventually one would mentally break down o.o
  12. <---- Tank main People just want to shoot things in the face o.o Comp is always fun when you got 1 tank 1 healer, and bunch of dps running all over the place o.o shouting i need healing from a back alley on the other side of the map o.o
  13. How To Get THE MOST FPS?

    A new PC always helps XD
  14. Romance Online?

    Currently in a LDR with @Beludru <3 We met each other in WoW and we've now been together for 3 years ^^