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  1. Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

    Everything just feels slow on a 60 Hz monitor after I've been using a 144 Hz one for around half a year now. I have a pretty cheap one with bad colour accuracy and i sometimes notice tearing, but I would still recommend it. And if your budget allows it, do go for a G-Sync as well since that offers a better experience, however, it is not necessary.
  2. I liked the in-match music the most out of the whole tournament to be honest.
  3. You certainly faked them hard with that first hit, nice finish too.
  4. I always thought there were way more people playing with controller. Interesting to see it is actually really close and almost 50/50. Maybe it is because KBM players are like vegans and need to mention it everywhere
  5. A hard reset with a winstreak bonus system, with actually getting more points as your streak continues, sounds like a good plan to me. Not sure why they implemented a system which gives you harder opponents but not necessarily more points as your streak continues. Psyonix pls.