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  1. Shots fired, huh? I hereby challenge thee to a best of 21, gen 7 battle factory to determine who of us really is the very best, like no one ever was. Ps: sorry for the OT guys, I promise it's the last one.
  2. All hail the spaghetti monster! Jokes aside, this sounds really cool, one thing I don't quite get is whether we'll be split into nations depending on where we actually live or the teams will be somewhat randomized.
  3. this sounds nice :] I might even take a shot at shiny hunting to get out of my comfort zone since it's on emulator and not on the physical games.
  4. I lost the one that came with my 3ds a loooong time ago. Been using mi index since then lol. Too bad cause it was a really nice stylus :[
  5. In that case I'd run 2 speed IVs on Snorlax, since in trick room up you'll likely gain the speed advantage with curse and out of trick room you can outspeed an opposing Snorlax. When I run scarf lando I prefer it to hit as hard and as fast as possible, so I'd suggest a 4/252/4/x/4/244 spread. It's really up to personal preference tho.
  6. I have a couple questions about your team, before I give any suggestions: why are you running serious nature on the lax? Do you want more offensive investment on the lando for general damage or are there any specific OHKOs/2HKOs that you're missing? I guess that the move choice on Snorlax comes down to whether you're mainly using it to counter opposing trick room, and in that case I'd keep curse, or to sweep setting your own trick room, in which case I prefer Belly Drum to be immediatly as threatening as possible in the limited turns of TR you get. As for practice, I'd love to help you with some bo3s, just hmu and we can arrange when we can play :]
  7. The bottom screen never displayed any essential information iirc, I guess that any menu could just pop up on the side or on the bottom the way it did until RSE. If no bottom screen means no annoying rotom dex I say good riddance.
  8. True, although boh scrafty and hitmontop can do it to a certain extent with eject button. Also incineroar's four moveslots are pretty crammed and it won't always find space for u-turn without forgoing some other important move.
  9. So, as you all know hidden abilities have been released for the alolan starters. While this has little to no impact on the viablility of Decidueye and Primarina, Intimidate sure is a big buff for the wrestler cat, cementing its role as a support pokemon. Incineroar now compresses even more roles, which benefits expecially setup-based teams like Manectric-Gothitelle-Snorlax, that appreciate Incineroar reducing the opponent's damage output with intimidate and snarl, crippling item reliant pokemon with knock off, buying free turns with fake out and creating momentum with a slow u-turn to bring in their setup sweeper safely. However a few other pokemon offered similar options, namely Scrafty and Hitmontop, the first of which is bulkier while the second has a deeper support movepool, and yet they didn't see much use. One advantage Incineroar has over these two is that fairy attacks hit it for only neutral damage, which is pretty big in a metagame crawling with tapus. So here's my question to you all: do you think Incineroar has what it takes to become a top tier mon or do you think it's just being overhyped due to a new toy syndrome?
  10. We could do something like competitive tutoring events, where experienced players walk beginners through some aspects of the game, with teambuilding help, mock battles to practice and such.
  11. Yayyy intimiroar is here :] Too bad the other two's abilities are kinda meh.
  12. Worlds with fictional creature have always been fascinating to me, so when I was a kid the Pokemon games were like a dream to me. In the more recent years I started appreciating the PvP aspect more and more, competing against other people gives me an incredible rush, and the fact that I get to do it with my favorite creatures is a nice plus.
  13. Great job @KoolDewd123! However I noticed you didn't mention anything about STAB, maybe add something in the "Moves" section?
  14. Competitive players pretty much need 2 rare kitchens for the level 100 trick, as for the rest any type of lottery works, I use them to farm bottle caps and pp-ups.