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  1. What do you guys consider the top tier champs for each role.
  2. Bans?

    I’ve been banning Trist
  3. I take it back. Triumph helped me get several pentas as Vayne. Saved my life. Plus Bone plating is a great counter to Teemo for his poison.
  4. Games that really take you back to your childhood

    Luigi’s Mansion Basically any Pokémon game And Final Fantasty 7 (Best one out of all of them)
  5. Bans?

    @Arixia I concur
  6. “I don’t initiate fights. I end them” -Project Vayne.
  7. Arcane comet, Demolish, Electrocute.
  8. Warwick will always be my favorite.
  9. Oh with the new runes Cam became REALLY good with Arcane comet. Her build is the same but different.
  10. Bans?

    Hmmm this is an interesting topic. The bans are fairly spread out. I’ve only seen two tiers of bans, Bronze and high elo like platinum and challenger. In bronze the bans are fairly simple( Darius, Riven, Teemo, Illaoi, etc.) in high elo its a little different (GP, Cammile, Cho, Gnar etc.)
  11. I literally learned this all myself. I learned how to play each champion myself.
  12. Yeah Kallista is one of those adcs that is really hard to balance cause there not good in solo que but are great in competitive play. For example Ryze. Ryze has the lowest win rate in solo que but is a contested pick in the lcs and lck.
  13. Whats the team speak server?? Or how do i get that too work really.
  14. Win streK I’ve went on a ranked 13 game win streak. Loss I’ve went 20 games