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  1. Y’all I’m a fangirl and I’m not even kidding if I’m shown something I love I will literally squeal like there’s no tomorrow. Send me some funny stories of you fanning over something or what you love.
  2. The Office

    Does anybody else watch the US version of The Office? Because it seems like everyone I talk to doesn’t watch it and I literally watch it all the time. Let me know if you wanna talk about it.
  3. Bored

    So I’m super bored all the time and obviously I have DI and the games I play, but I wanted to see what others do for fun as well?
  4. Cosplay

    Okay, so I want to go to a convention, but i never know what people to go as because that's always fun, ya know? Any tips on how to choose someone and how to make a cosplay outfit?
  5. Ideas for a logo?

    Okay, so I want to have a logo for me to use for DI, Youtube, Steam, etc... (BananaBabe) but have no ideas other than a freaking Banana XD any ideas?
  6. stop myself from being an idiot
  7. What could you do with $2

    buy a lollipop from walmart
  8. What is your favorite fast food joint?

    Pals that's in Tennessee
  9. Your biggest fear.

    no one ever caring about me and those who care about me now stop and wanna forget me
  10. what's your favorite snack

    beef jerky is really good but so expensive
  11. A country you want to go to ?

    I really wanna go to Europe like Germany, Russia, Italy etc
  12. Why do you have that profile picture?

    cause i feel confident in myself lol