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  1. What's your favorite breakfast foods?

    Chorizo and eggs
  2. Favorite discontinued series

    Lost even tho it got shitty towards the end lol
  3. There are two ways to play genji so step 1 if figuring out which you want to play. first there is the dive genji which most people play which is more aggressive. Second you have the more defensive genji who uses right click behind the shields of allies and who’s role is to pick off flankers. from far to mid range you want to use left click when you get in closer use right click save dash for when they are a quarter health and try and dash for the head. You might want to set your dpi a little higher for genji as he is more of a twitch hero. Try and save deflect For alts and up close combat or for when you are waiting for dash to up to disengage. dont stay out in open to long try and peek around corners and walls for your damage Try and stand still for the first second when using left click for better accuracy lastly practice makes perfect for dpi calculation the training room works great try and keep your mouse pointed a the head of ai while moving hope this helps and have fun :)
  4. Altered Carbon

    Definitely watch it. You have to get through the first few episodes it starts off slow but picks up. Hope they don’t leave us hanging to long on season 2
  5. Bright - Netflix Movie

    Very much enjoyed 8/10
  6. devilman crybaby

    I watched it all in one sitting. The anime style was interesting to say the least. The story was meh but I wouldn’t mind a second season some how
  7. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

    Rugrats and catdog
  8. Tiny Rick or Pickle Rick?

    Pickle rick he’s the man
  9. What is Your Favorite 90's TV Show?

    that’s 70s show
  10. what anime are you watching right now?

    One piece and seven deadly sins season 2
  11. Favorite Netflix Marvel Series?

    So far I would definitely say the punisher because the story is freaking awesome
  12. Subs or Dub

    Depends on the actors some dubs are just garbage but so are some subs.
  13. What film(s) have you seen more than 10 times?

    10 times is a lot to watch something but I would have to say frozen lion king darn kids could watch those on repeat nonstop lol and the Star Wars and lord of rings trilogies for myself personally
  14. I have 0 damn impatient impulses. I can never keep more then 1 or 2 before I have to open them. I command that you manage to save that many lol