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  1. I would love some advice on how to play Lux properly, especially since I am in elo hell right now (0 elo since no comp yet). Even if it is something basic, I will find it very informative as I have 0 experience as a support (prev. Tank main)
  2. Iw4MbqH.png

    When your division has been non-compliant for too long...

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    2. Aralornx
    3. Falx


      This is a known bug. Fun fact. It's been 17605 days since January 1st 1970. 

      Anyway, wait 5 min and refresh and it should be fixed. 

    4. rainestormee


      @Falx ah, we're going by epoch time millis then :P

  3. Hello I'm New

    If you read this topic, it tells you a bit about us and how to apply:
  4. Hello I'm New

    Hello new and welcome to DI; I'm Raine! What sorts of games are you into?
  5. Well Hello There Awesome DI Peeps

    Welcome to DI, I hope you have a lot of fun here!
  6. Whats Your Favorite Console?

    GameCube- Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
  7. Hello Ladies & Gents

    Hey, welcome ^^ come apply for my Division (EU Overwatch) :D
  8. Guess who's back? Back again

  9. Hello

    ay welcome to my life (love kirito btw), I'm a horrible Rocket League player and I'm a silver Overwatch player, I'm just as bad at CSGO though ^^ Welcome to DI, I hope you enjoy your stay (just remember that most of us are just as nervous) @Kastion if you ever get Overwatch, come hang out in DI-XV, and we will show you da wae
  10. *taps the mic* ~ Is this thing on?

    Ay, welcome! Take a look at this: https://www.multiplaygameservers.com/help/teamspeak3-guide/ If you have any other queries, then just poke me on the forums and TS ;3
  11. I'm out to take your second place spot @NinjaAllah!

  12. Congrats on finishing ^^

    1. Razgriz


      Thanks a bunch. ^^

    2. rainestormee


      Just wait until next month, then I'm going to get it done for ya :P

  13. How To Become An Artist?