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  1. Creating a new topic for this. (rank - village# - archers needed) Viscount 9th rank - 90848 - 50 archers
  2. Where are you from?

    Rent where i am is 1500/month for a basic older (probably 70s) apartment with 1 bed and maybe around 700sqft Too hot haha. Im trying to move to Colorado
  3. Where are you from?

    Props for making the move. I'm looking to get out of Cali myself. Prices are ridiculous here
  4. Not 100% sure yet. We may wait a bit longer before we get the faction up again. I was toying with -DI-Vanguard as the name, but it's definitely open to suggestion at this point.
  5. New from Napa CA

    i can't wait to retire and play video games full time xD Welcome to DI! =]
  6. I'm going to try hosting next week. Not enough US evening events.
  7. Hey, I'm Comet!

    Hey Psycho! Glad to have you as a fellow SHK player in the March cohort! =] I agree that there is nothing quite like SHK. There are other town builders/war strategy games, but SHK is clearly the best.
  8. Glad to see more people joining. Maybe DI can get a division going again. Kinda depends on what route you prefer to go, but I recommend putting points into scouts in the beginning if you plan on being active.
  9. Yes, there seems to be a correlation with amount of SHK i play and the number of bowel movements I allegedly have
  10. @PsychoComet Everything you need to know to apply is here: I'm going through initiation right now, myself. Not sure if membership is required to join us in game, but seems like a pretty cool community so far, so I would recommend trying. Good luck =]
  11. Most Hours Played

    I'm surprised there are no mentions of WoW, easily a thousand+ hours there Over 1,000 hours on crusader kings 2
  12. Too bad, looks like I'm joining at the tail end of DI's presence on SHK. I wonder if recruiting more people is feasible, but it does seem that there are less people playing SHK in general.
  13. Are there separate servers? I've been playing the same global conflict 3 server on PC and android. I'm not crazy about mobile, but it let's me jump in to fill my build queue and do some foraging/trading etc when I'm on lunch breaks.
  14. Helloo

    Nice! I'm only about a week in myself, but I'm happy to help if you need anything.
  15. Helloo

    We're starting to grow on a newer server - global conflict 3. That's how I discovered DI. Most of us are in east india. Come join!