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  1. pre-ordered games

    I'll pre order the collector's editions of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the new WoW expansion.
  2. Came for the Overwatch but all I got is some drama. But nah, it's got to be a rough transition to being able to do/say what you want on a stream to being part of a league. Other professional leagues fines/suspend people for similar stuff, but these guys haven't been brought up in that kind of environment. Need to get them to work with a PR guy if they're going to stay in OWL. Yeah, as a Fuel fan they got to get this stuff in order. No reason to be at the bottom of the league.
  3. First PC Game?

    Yahoo! Pool. lol. I lived a sheltered childhood.
  4. Sea of Thieves!!!

    Beyond excited. First MMO I really played was a Pirates MMO from Disney. Probably as close as I'll ever get again. And besides, who doesn't love a game about pirates?
  5. Best fast food place in the U.S ?

    If you're in or around Texas, you gotta go to Whataburger. Open 24 hours. Honey butter chicken biscut is $$$
  6. Movie: Ready Player One

    I'm excited. The book is one of my favorites. I'm expecting the movie to be very different than the book though. But, I mean, it kind of has to be. Can you imagine if there was just a 15-minute scene of Joust playing? An entire recreation of WarGames? lololol It'd make it terrible. If you're looking for an exact recreation, I worry you'll be disappointed. Have fun with it and enjoy what should be another gem from Spielberg.
  7. I use the back from the Warlords of Draenor collectors edition. I do think both the backs from Twitch Prime look awesome though!
  8. I go from QP to comp. OSU still goes over my head lol. I want to get AIM hero though.
  9. I think that's the best way to do it. Ana bots with head shots is great for this!
  10. I mean, yeah. But the more you play the better you'll get!
  11. love life sometimes

    That's awesome. It's great when little things like that can make your day.
  12. The Sims has changed a lot since I last played it lol. That's awesome.
  13. Shoes send you pizza!

    The last thing I need is an even easier way to order pizza. Would also drunkenly order pizza waaayyyyy to often.
  14. Most Hours Played

    Some of y'all are crazy. I have a few hundred days /played on WoW. Most of my friends are ahead of me by quite a bit though.