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  1. She is good in the right hands, her healing output is way more than mercys, and she can deal with most flankers. But most moira's i've seen at least on my main focus more on dps rather than healing.
  2. I would say Junkrat is easier since you can just spam left click and get kills. But after the recent nerf, he takes a bit more skill in aiming since his mines have damage falloff now. Pharah is great on any map if the enemy teams hitscan is bad.
  3. I prefer Group queue, the largest group at 3-4 since adding more pits you against more organised six-stacks. Solo-queue in general is a gamble, more-so as you go into the lower ranks. But that doesn't mean that it gets any better the higher up you go.
  4. I understand why you hate comp... There are terrible dps mains down there. Its best if you do a three to four stack to alleviate some of the pressure. six-stacking down there down there is a bad idea in general since you run into a lot of organised teams.
  5. Games that really take you back to your childhood

    For me, Final fantasy 9 and pokemon firered (I started really late)
  6. For mercy mains, one tricks: Please gauge when you should stop healing. I've seen too many mercy's hold down left click even if the person that their beam is attached to is at full health, you're better off damage-boosting a rein swinging his hammer in the middle of incapacitated enemy team or help the soldier take a pharah out of the sky faster.
  7. Medals really don't mean anything as long as you're doing your job. I've seen people boast about how they have 4 gold medals as moira when they're supposed to be healing the team. Then you get the terrible one-tricks that don't switch even when they're doing bad.
  8. I have a friend thats an amazing widow. As long as the widow is making picks, there isn't a problem. There is a problem when the widow refuses to switch when they're doing bad.
  9. I love playing Overwatch because of the diverse cast and how you don't see the same team compositions every match. The changes that have happened over the years made the game worth coming back to, especially with your friends.
  10. After watching the YourOverwatch twitch stream, Bridgette is good for compositions where you can brawl and Deathball. She definitely compliments Reinhardt. She struggles on maps with a lot of room such as numbani attack and dorado.
  11. I don't mean to sound rude..... But there is already a thread on the new hero from this morning.
  12. After a game, shes more of a secondary healer when her repair pack is on cooldown. she is built to defend the backline imo. Pharah, junkrat, and sombra are her hard counters. HP pool is that of a standard support.
  13. The patch with Bridgette has been rolled out onto the PTR :D
  14. Games that really take you back to your childhood

    Pokemon Firered, first game I got related to pokemon.
  15. Tanks are not seeing much play due to the aspect of having to be the teams shield (rein, Orisa, dva, winston) and due to the fact that its much easier to play support and/or dps. But then again, you find yourself in a cesspool of terrible supports and dps in the lower ranks, only a small percentage know what their responsibility is and how to carry it out.