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  1. Favorite board game

    For the best, Monopoly is easily one of the worst games ever created ;)
  2. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    @Jinxxy Precious! What breed is she?
  3. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

  4. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    More good boys!
  5. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    @TheGamer777 gets it ;)
  6. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    @Vegas He's a rescue, so unfortunately I do not know exactly. I suspect he is either a Golden/German Shepherd mix or Golden/Tervuren mix. Sadly I no longer have him, as he is my previous room-mates pup and went with him, but I visit him often :)
  7. In honor of the year of the dog, post pics of some good boyes! This is Waffles:
  8. I'm Helter :)

    Hell yeah dude, I'd be game!
  9. I'm Helter :)

    @DemonicWare I actually have dabbled in it a bit! Only reason I haven't played more is my PUBG friends aren't fans of Fortnite lol. I'll have to drop in on team DI-XXI sometime :)
  10. I'm Helter :)

    I'm glad to be here! Thanks :)
  11. I'm Helter :)

    Forgot to make one of these the other day, ooooopsssss... Hi! I'm Helter. I'm 26 and live in Ohio, in the US. I joined DI playing R6:Siege, but play many many other games as well and am always up for some rounds in my free time. If you ever need someone to play Dota 2 or PUBG with then drop me a line on TS if I'm online (fair warning, I'm no pro in either). Other than that, I'm a web developer who is into craft beers, g o o d b o y e s, and good times. Nice to meet you all!
  12. Any craft beer enthusiasts in DI?

    @Asteroid I actually have an Untappd account! I only started it a few weeks ago so it is rather empty at the moment, but I am working on it :) Can't say I've tried Spaghetti Western before, so it's a shame it was limited :( my personal all-time favorite is Epic's Big Bad Baptista(click). It's just god-damn delicious, but you can't get it all the time sadly. Their non-rare release version of it (Big Bad Baptist(click)) you can get and is also really good, especially if you let it age for a year before opening (I have one in my basement that is coming up on a year as we speak). Would definitely recommend either of them, if you're a fan of the chocolatey-coffee-vanilla branch of stouts :) @Annihilatrix Do you like them more tart? If so, it sounds like you would like a good sour! I would recommend trying Jackie O's Babbling Brook(click) if you're able to get ahold of it where you are (they are native to Athens Ohio, and still fairly small and can be hard to get outside of Ohio). Alternatively, Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge(click) is a fantastic sour from Belgium that you can't go wrong with.
  13. Any craft beer enthusiasts in DI?

    I normally cannot stand IPA's, but I tried a wet hop one recently that I actually didn't mind. A couple of friends and I are planning a trip touring the various breweries across New England this summer and I am getting pretty pumped about trying the varieties of beer with some great food.
  14. Any craft beer enthusiasts in DI?

    Stouts are easily my favorite at the moment. I picked up a bottle of Pirate Bomb by Prairie Artisan Ales, and it is just..so delicious. I'm fairly new to the craft scene myself and always looking to expand my horizons, so suggest/discuss away :)
  15. best anime openings

    I'm not as big a fan of Fairy Tail itself, but it does have some really good openers and I looooove the Celtic Rock of the main theme. As for favorites though, I absolutely have to go with the classics: A Cruel Angel's Thesis from Evangelion Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. And I have to give a mention to The Hero from One-Punch Man, because it's impossible not to get pumped the fuck up from that theme.