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  1. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    1. If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine - it's lethal. -Paulo Coelho 2. Life asked death, "why do people love me but hate you"? Death responded, "because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth". 3. Sometimes you don't need a plan, you just need balls! That's 3 that came out in my mind, so I don't use 3 different posts at different times :)
  2. Subs or Dub

    No other answer than subs exist!!! It's funny tho if you have dual audio to see like 10 episodes get used to the Japnese voice acting, and then switch to English! I personally burst in laughs!! That's the only reason you need dub... :)
  3. Damage Inc Jersey Design

    Cool!! Give me some time make a bundle of my artworks, though they are mostly pencil and paper cause of my college projects. But I need to do this anyways cause I 've seen a lot of threads for graphic artists around here and I am gonna need a good portfolio XD. So, I ll do some recolors since I have your permission and include them as well!! Yeah, you are right about Photoshop. It's just how my brain works, T-Shirt=Illustrator.. Later I saw the highlights on the chest and the sides, the foldings, and the shadows down... So, I ll pm you when everything is ready! Tnx again!!
  4. Looking for Artist to Commission

    Hello there!!! While I can't say I 've been doing any card game artwork and my finished projects are mostly with pen and pencil so I can't showcase them, I would be glad to help you with the artwork. You can send me the reference images so I can make one or two cards. If you are satisfied with the outcome I 'll do it for free. I am happy with the process of drawing and just getting the experience. Even, help you with the brainstorming might be good for me :) Whatever the case, if you are not interested, I wish the best for the game artwork!!
  5. Damage Inc Jersey Design

    Wow!!! Really nice stuff!! As I am doing some graphic designs myself I just saved the image so I can do some recolors (like for the new season, or simply alternative colors and variations) and try some stuff, will it be ok with you? Plus, if you are doing any other graphics stuff I 'll be glad to help you anytime if you want any help that is :) Finally, I am not trying to play the smart guy in any way here, but you could try Illustrator for T-Shirts. It has the templates you need right from the start and you can work with shapes easier. Dope T-Shirt anyways tho!!