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  1. practice, practice, practice. I couldn't fly straight for the first 1000 hours.
  2. Do you trust people who listen to country?

    I don't think someone should like/dislike or trust/not trust someone over their music choices, that's a stupid notion. I don't mind 'kickin country' like sam hunt, but i don't like the slow drama songs personally.
  3. What's up everyone! OW Noob here ready to rock...

    ever tried aiming with a analog stick? also, playerbase is much larger on PC.
  4. hard to pick just one. Multiplayer: Diablo 2. Loved it and played the living hell out of it. Single player: sleeping dogs. God that story was good.
  5. What are your thoughts about the tournament beta so far?
  6. Introduction- CuddlyPanda

    Hiya, welcome to Dmg Inc! I hope you enjoy your time here :)
  7. learning octane lately, altho I'm more of a dominus/werewolf player.
  8. I don't think one should always copy from pros. good example here is camera settings. Some have far distance because they can hit the ball perfectly even with a tiny car, but if you have problems even hitting the ball consistently at lets say 250 distance, 310 is a terrible idea.
  9. hello

    Hi :) welcome. Can you perhaps elaborate a bit more who you are, what you main and what interests you? :)
  10. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    Used to have a husky myself, loved it ^.^
  11. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    Happy chinese new years for the asians here :) Also, that looks like a golden retriever/labrador mix :)
  12. Unfortunately I'm a keyboard player, so i can't give any valuable input here. If anyone is interested in my keyboard layout, It's pretty much the standard ones, except i have Q for air roll left and E for air roll right. I also have mouse 3 button for back camera, but I have to say I only use that one in 1v1 :)
  13. really love the werewolf at the moment, and probably maining it too. In the past I used to play octane and dominus a lot.