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  1. About an hour or two a day. The rep progression system is motivating for me to post and get rep
  2. Favorite books?

    Urban fantasy is my favorite genre. So, the Dresden Files is my favorite series - it's about a wizard private eye in modern day Chicago
  3. Yeah, that's true. She's great in a lot of comps
  4. Don't rocket jump unless you have a dedicated healer xD
  5. Well, sorry if this is nitpicky, but one of those is a regular skin that came with the release of blizzworld =)
  6. I mean, that's the only event legendary for her, and it's been a year, so I'm hoping she gets more.
  7. Favorite Netflix Marvel Series?

    Daredevil S1, the one that started it all! The actor who plays Kingpin is amazing
  8. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    Robin Hood xD The one with all the animals
  9. What is everyone's favourite animal??

    The peregrine falcon - the fastest flying animal in the world!
  10. A country you want to go to ?

    I did three years in Japan in the military, and I want to go back all the time. Love the hell out of that place - the people are great, the food of course is off the charts, and the overall atmosphere is totally different then here in the states
  11. Happy Chinese New Year! Doggos Inside.

    That looks like a heckin good boye
  12. Does Ketchup go on KD?

    I put ketchup on my eggs, so I'm sure I'd be okay with it on Kraft mac and chee
  13. Fast Food

    Jimmy John's for sure. Their subs feel like they have higher quality then other sub places. Arby's is conditional, but it's falling out of favor because the closest place seems to lack quality
  14. People think Moira and Doomfist will get a Talon skin for this years event. Hopefully Orisa is slated to get one too, she's been without one since last years Uprising (obv excluding the Blizzworld skin)
  15. It's a good start, hopefully they don't stop here with the crossover skins