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  1. Wireless vs. Wired Mouses

    i have razer deathadder and its good but other razer gear what i have it bad
  2. What kind of monitor do you use?

    i am using asus pg279q 2k 165hz ips panel :)
  3. GPU overheating

    you can always change heat paste if you know how do it. you can get nice guides from internet.usually rthey have really bad paste buy grizlly names paste
  4. GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice build :) you get overheating whit this sli cards?i got before crossfire 390x uper card was almost 100c :D
  5. What graphics card do you have?

    Evga gtx 1080
  6. Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

    i got the asus pg279q and and 165hz is worth it dont speak even abaut ips panel :P
  7. Buying Pre builds?

    Dont buy pre builds coz prices is bad. Its not really hard build own pc. Just need watch some guide on internet.
  8. These Bulls**t GPU prices

    Bitcoin is recking gpus prises and its annoing that you cant order parts from germany.
  9. mechanical keyboards

    i have razer keyboard and its sucks. to much noise
  10. Languages, what do you speak?

    I can speak finish and russia good.
  11. GPU overheating

    you need better airflow in your case! i had before 2 390x in crossfire and they was overheated a lot so i bought watercolling for them. but just add same coolers in your case and you will be fine. best cooler for airflow is (be quiet silncewing 3 my opinion)
  12. Lets build a ladder

    ╠═══╣Lets keep building ╠═══╣