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  1. How old is everyone?

    I am 19 will be 20 next month
  2. Scariest Movie You Have Seen

    What is the scariest movie you have watched? I havent seen alot of horror movies so mine is The Ring 2 (I was 8)... not The Ring though that wasnt scary.
  3. Any Rick and Morty fans out here?

    The song for Evil Morty is so chill I couldnt stop listening to it for awhile lol
  4. What you listening to?

    My family literally has all season of Chuck on DVD... its soo good
  5. They should have started out with her ultimate rez being able to rez only one person
  6. I saw deja vu for tracer on youtube
  7. lol character specific songs are fine they are usually better theme songs than "real" songs
  8. I feel like if you become pro at high aim and skill characters like widow, ana, or hanzo you will be pretty good at many of the other heroes
  9. Low Gravity Rein or Junkrat fights can be pretty interesting since the Reins would need to charge accurately and Junkrat would actually need to aim with completely accuracy while anticipating the others players moves
  10. What is everyone's favourite animal??

    Mine is a panda! They are like chubby and lazy ninjas that are clumsy. But for a pet I want a monkey they seem so funny and mischievous.
  11. I see so many videos with theme songs for overwatch characters just most of them suck. I think the best I saw was AC/DC TNT for Junkrat and Hollywood Undead - Dead Bite for Ana. What do you guys think the themes songs for each character should be?
  12. What you listening to?

    Just found this actually not that bad
  13. Favourite video game soundtracks

    Super Mario Bros