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  1. I can easily carry in gold as rein. You only need to know where to stand, when use shield and when use hammer. Many rein players only use shield and never use hammer even if somebody is in front of them with no health.
  2. For being tank you need good game sense, because you must know where is everyone. Your team and your opponent. Also tanks are always these that make first engage which is something unexperienced players are afraid of. Classic example is first point hanamura. everyone is standing in front of door but nobody is going in. This makes tanks angry cause they think their team is useless for not killing so they will pick dps themself instead of trying to kill somebody with tank.
  3. Another good anime ruined by a netflix adaptation

    From what i know its not from netflix. it was created for japan cinema by japanesse and netflix only bough lincence for rest of the word(thats why actor are japanesse). And if it will be good or bad i am not sure. cgi is way too obvious. on the other hand i think actors are looking good(especialy Hughes). So right know its wild card for me.
  4. I like one that still works. i have little bit too much electric potetial in my usb => i must buy new mouse every three months. only way to solve it is new motherboard. new pc would be cheaper.
  5. My amv

    I was bored few moths ago and made this. what do you think(its my third amv ever made)?
  6. poison. why? biggest cancer in game is zubat. Paradox is that i am poison specialist XD
  7. girafrig. i think that even nintendo forget about her cause i cant remeber single game where you can catch her(outside gsc)
  8. What is everyones favorite Disney movie?

    Avengers(marvel is part of disney XD)
  9. What anime should I watch?

    Depends on what you like. My recomdation is Kobayshi chi no maid dragon. Its slice of life about having dragon as maid. If you liíke mahou shoujo then Fate/kaleid prism Ilya is good. GTO is great(and in japan its one of legendary anime). Its about not so smart teacher in class of problematic students(and if you know something about japan its nice criticism of japan society - dont worry its still comedy). This is just small number of recomendation. If you tell me what you like i can recommend more.
  10. What movie gets your 10/10 rating?

    Shawshank redemtion, How to train your dragon, Inside out
  11. Hi Guys

    Hello. First to make something clear. My nick is not my name nor its related to religion or where i came from(and i dont speak Turkish). Its just my nick. My real name is Jan(John in english) and i am college student in Czech republic. I love playing overwatch and i play it every day at least two hours. I joined because i would like to meet or create group of guys to play regulary at least two times in week. i am on borderline of Gold and Plat and my main is Reinhard and Mercy(my aim is bad). I study informatics so i am online almost 24/7. I am looking forward for playing together.