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  1. In PUBG I find you don't learn 1 way but in lots of ways - watching team mates or deathcams and watching replays to see where enemies were and where they were compared to where you thought they were based on audio. Jumping into heavy populated drop zones and just finding a gun and rushing people for aim and reaction speed. Going in with squads to try and make it to end game to practice the mid-late game strats and using the circle to your advantage. But every game is different of course. In response to the boosting service - I posted that as a joke haha :)
  2. Ahhh I'm with it now, yeah - you'd think most games would have it now - still interesting that Blizzard are reaching out into the area. I can see it being hella useful in Overwatch comp solo queue. I can also see it being amusing to have a team wide chat in WOW pvp battlegrounds
  3. This may be unrelated but you can already use group chat within the Blizzard client with friends as well as by using steam - if they're not able to use TS3. Not too sure if this is relevant to the post though - just thought I'd try and be helpful :3
  4. But you live with a dick the age of a 200 year olds and stuck at 30ft long.....better get the basket out
  5. I love this....more excuse to "play dirty" ;)
  6. Right then, let's start! The power to read tiny hints that people give you and pickup when things are wrong and what those things are. Now what's my catch?
  7. Ever had a bully?

    I have My respect goes out to all of you for coming out as the better person!
  8. Geek Typer

    It's a fancy looking hacking simulator.
  9. i made dis

    My amazing skill at being knocked down in Hacienda ;)
  10. Reacting to Topics/Comments

    Still getting my head around the forums haha - I believe I just responded to a post within music and then didn't back out before clicking "Create new Post" - silly me
  11. Reacting to Topics/Comments

    Thanks Vegas :) Makes sense now that I think about it - although just removing the downvote & piggy reaction limit if possible might be better? Just my honest opinion though, you guys stick with what you find works best! Also, I couldn't find how to delete this post so it's stayed here.....if you can remove it and feel it should be removed then by all means please do so :)
  12. Are you Left Handed or Right Handed ?

    Right handed mostly; however, for endurance gym tasks my left shoulder is stronger than my right....weird right?