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  1. Kill the farmers. Easy loot.
  2. We have sheet metal doors on a kinda competitive vanilla server and we are still standing, soooo.... It should be fine.
  3. Yeah, the higher the multiplier, the easier it is to raid and the harder to defend against offline, especially if the stacksizes aren't increased in proportion. Our designs are original, what we use now is built by @Szachys who got it from his old team, I have a large group design we went with on vanilla, 32 rockets to TC and a minimum 20 to each lootroom. Armored doors everywhere is basically the only thing that deters offlines. And sheet walls.
  4. Offline raiding isn't something you can really prepare for, especially on modded servers. I'll try and come up with a design later on today for youguys.
  5. Best Anime Villain?

    Aizen Sousuke from Bleach.
  6. Why

    Make 7 metal pickaxes, take your best loot to tc, wall off.
  7. Grenade launcher with impact incin and smoke grenades
  8. Killed 5 with single tap bow headshots only to turn around and get mauled by a bear.
  9. Single most important. TC lost -> base lost. Secure and displace it
  10. Customs are beasts but rocket launchers are even better. HV to screw someone over, incin to screw a few over, HE to screw a lot over.
  11. Whiffing and losing an AK so you have to farm it back always improves my aim for sure.
  12. Really depends on the resources. You'll always have semi bodies lying around, HQM might be tight though, but I prefer the python for the fact that it uses pistol ammo, which you can get from scrubs mid-roam without restocking. Semis for newbies only come later on so less ammo restocking but it has a larger clip and a tiny bit less recoil, great for early helis.