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    hey hey, I'm not doubting it! Initiate me didn't even now that was possible, so there you go :D
  2. what anime are you watching right now?

    Currently I'm not watching anything because it feels like there is only slice of life or extremly repetitive stuff out there atm. Most recently I watched Inuyashiki tho. That one is incredibly good. Every aspect of it.

    lol You're just being ACTIVE™ :D Jk jk
  4. What is everyone's favourite animal??

    Dogs. A bit ordinary, I know. They are not as exciting as the more exotic animals or as majestic as eagles or other predators of the sky, but we can be damn sure that we are their favorite animal.
  5. What do you do on a rainy day?

    Music, games and reading. You can't get more relaxed than when you hear the constant distant dripping noise outside your window. It's hypnotic.
  6. 4 in-game and 800 DPI here. I thought mine was pretty low already, but yours.... damn. I mean with the right mouse pad and some playtime with the sense you're bound to be pretty decent at hitscan, aren't you. I mean it's fine. I've heard of people using a lower sens but mostly korean pros who dont play roles like genji where you need to be able to make 180°s fast without punching a hole in the wall
  7. I always play good mood music when I'm kinda tilted to untilt. Then i get distracted because my brain can't handle more than one source of audio input apparently, I play worse and get even more tilted... a vicious cycle really
  8. Okay, this guy is hilarious :'D How have I not seen his content yet?
  9. How do you save them??? I guess I'm too much of a consumer to not open them :'D That's a 0 for me.
  10. I'm really curious what the rapid arrow ability is gonna be like. Like is it just normal arrows with normal damage but shot thrice as fast for like 3 seconds or is it something like an arrow gatling gun with less damage per arrow than usual? Also I'm super excited about the horizantal mobility ability their gonna try out, that actually sounds really fun.
  11. He is not really underpowered tho. You just gotta pick your fights carefully. Genji is strong because he can mitigate alot of incoming damage with his deflect and mobility. Moira does make him less viable but he's still one of the best DPS heroes.
  12. I love the heroes, the maps, the fps aspect, the depth it has due to all the different kind of heroes and strategies and how refined it feels, like basically every blizzard game.
  13. I don't even play Comp if I'm not 100% certain im not gonna be disturbed. Being interrupted mid comp game, by anything, actually makes me lose my shit :D