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  1. Whats your favourite TV show?

    Owww its gotta be Suits for me !
  2. Welp here we go :D First games liek rocket league in which your character does not get better you do, i usually take interest in them.Because you can actualy feel that you have imrpoved after you look at you past 3 month or 6 months and be happy with your progress which is a great satisfaction on my end :) Secondly i like being a bit competitive. However i do like to give almost an hour of time just to play or participate in 1 competitive game. That is the reason Rocket league is so much apealling for me. You can play up to 11 games in an hour which is a very good amount in a very acceptable time portion. Lastly, in every pro scene of every eSports there is almost always a lot of immaturity even though the pro scene's average age is like 19-20. So this is the 3rd reason why i love rocket league beacue even though this games pro players are younger compared to some other esports however they behave more mature than most and this makes it looks like it is more of a professional scene than others. Which makes it more enjoyable for me to watch with my friends or soemtimes even by myself!
  3. Anyone interested in some FRP?

    I could run it in D&D or if you want you can be de GM and design it and i can be a player too. I have my own world designs like D&D and werewolf so if you are interested i can do with one of them too!
  4. When they removed it , I felt like i have been kicked out of my home that is how much i played and trained on that map. But still one of the shortest que time for it soo yeah whatever i guess :P
  5. Thanks! I hope so too :)
  6. As long as you are not jhzer , deevo , squishy, jkanps or any kind of pro player i guess cause then you even beat those who defends the backboard :D
  7. Sadly yes that is the truth about it . I am not near good nor fast enough to score these kind of shots against champs and d3 's :D
  8. Yep exactly, i was not against my own skill level so i cant be proud of it that much :/
  9. Yeah and que time in League of Legends can get out of hand if you are high ranked. I saw it while watching some streams they were in a que for 25 minutes holy hell man thats brutal for them!
  10. Yes basicly what i wanted to say was this too if i had better wording ofcourse. I did not include it as it was obvious but yeah i do not support multi account farming too but i can understand some grandchampion level players who have 5-10 mins of que time and maybe they have a right to have another account to not waste their time in que however i still think multi accounts are not the solution for this.
  11. Welp firstly i would like to say nice going but there are few things that will happen in every ranked system and there is almost nothing the developeres can do about it. 1. People that change platforms: You cannot give them their preveious rank because then you might result in something like this; lets say i am a champ level player and i am kinda afraid to solo que but what if i say i bought rocket league on steam and had my ranl carried over and lost my champ. Then i can vent about it or lie about it sayig that i did not approve ıf this and someone decived the person or plarform who allowed the crossover. You can add as many precautions as you want but because of the shitty and immature human nature it would result in a bigger venting spree then this one. 2.People that are trying out or wanting to start playing a different mode: I agree you are right. I am a diamond 3 player who never plays solo standart. However sometimes while i wait for my teammates to warm up i do solo standart and match up against gold to plat players which i do not think its fun for them. However there is almost nothing develepores can do about this. Because yes i might be diamond 3 in standart however that i should not be ableto start playing with diamond level players in other modes . The reason for that is i might be too reliant on my teammates and not that good just myself or yes i might be good at 3v3 but i might suck(which is usually the case) at 2v2 rotation/playstyle or 1v1 and if i match up against a diamond like that i might get discouraged ehich is what psyionix is trying to prevent. 3. Game being cheap; yes the game might be cheap but there are more adventagues it being cheap for the community and the company. For instance , i might be a 13 year old that wants to buy and try this game and since its basic rules are easy to understand it should be at a reasonable price for the younger audience too. And as for another example i live in country that its main currency is far less worth then a dollar so 10 buck is 2 meals for me or 5-6 bears depending on which brand of beer i am buying. Overrall i agree with you do not misunderstand me but there a lot of thought and planning behind ranked systems and usually a lot of them will stay the same because of the improving state of the gaming industry. Aiming to keep the current players instead of growing bigger would be the mindset for the improvement that you are looking for unforunately it is not gonna happen because it wont be in company's best interest.
  12. Anyone interested in some FRP?

    Ofcourse i kno da way so i can shot it to you :P But in seriousness yes experienced and what not every one is welcome. If we can get 2 more people i will try and scedule something for it! :)
  13. Name and Steam Link: Fix Kaleci ci ci // http://steamcommunity.com/id/bambamnight Current highest rank in Rocket League: Diamond 3 What can you help other players with the most: I can help with their mindset and mentality on how progress should go and what you will encounter during it. Ofcourse i can help with mechanics too however the mechanic that i can be proud of are mostly suited to 1v1 or 2v2 although they can help at 3v3 they are not must knows. And ofcourse i can help with rotation in any game mode. Are you willing to coach multiple players or just one: I can coach up to max 3 player if their ranks are too far apart i can only coach up to 2 players. Do you have any players you prefer to coach: I am firendly and patient however i can not coach someone who's too immature about this. I do not have any other prefrences when it comes down to coaching.
  14. Thank you kind sir! I will solo que again tonight if i hit something nutty will edit that to this post too :D
  15. Ohh okkay. If you start playing though you will eventually get it no worries !!