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  1. i'm in my second year application development
  2. Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

    syncronizing does how always add input lag but the difference is how much. with gsync(the better standard) and freesync(the cheaper standard) monitors can have a variable framerate with the output of the gpu, but it always relies on the communication between the two. wnen the gpu can't match the screen refresh rate it can drop to how far the standard allows to match the gpu framerate and if you have too mch spare gpu time the gpu communicates with the monitor about when the best time is to send a frame (not sure about this one)
  3. Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

  4. Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

    that's not true, graphics cards can adapt the speed of your monitor(s)
  5. Is a 144hz Monitor Worth It?

    i one have played on a 144 hz monitor and it amazing how fluid it is. you have to experience it at least one.
  6. playing against the pro's on big tournaments (and winning of course :) )
  7. do we have a DI team for rlcs?
  8. oops, i am listening to the lesson while posting here :)
  9. i thing PSGE or G2, the finalist of last season
  10. The best car is the car your most comfortable with. where your car control is an extension of your own movements. you know the hitbox of your car and ca n imaginate what it takes to hit the aerial. as long as you are playing the car that is most conferrable for you you playing with the best car for your situation. (i'm playing with the delorian time mashie)
  11. https://prosettings.net/rocket-league-pro-camera-settings-guide/ i think this one is better
  12. the one who can win matches on GC with only mouse deserves a lot of honour
  13. from p2 to p1 :( there is enough time for us to get back up and even higher