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  1. Mandatory Teemo vote. If I had to delete a champion out of the game, it'd be Master Yi. Reason? Because I'm triggered that Master Yi keeps diving 1v4, under the tower when they realize they are fed.. and end up losing the game...
  2. Savage stuff man... Great job. I feel like I shouldn't even attempt this...
  3. Wow... At least you helped a brother out climbing the ranks!
  4. If you were a soup..... What soup would you be

    Someones been watching Jimmy Carr? Hahaha! If I were a soup, I’d probably be a nice pumpkin soup with meatballs in it. I know this for a fact because Buzzfeed told me once.
  5. Favorite books?

    Aye, any Jules Verne book is worth a read!
  6. I'm on a Playstation controller, and I have kept the controls to default. Even though now I'm thinking of swapping out air-roll with another key, because it's not very easy to both boost, jump and air roll at the same time right now...'
  7. I'm just chilling playing Varus. Its a viable champion that never really gets banned in Silver...
  8. I bought a Venus Fly Trap :D

    Make sure they’ve got enough water at all times, but don’t drown them either. best way to keep it, is to put a flowerpot in a tray of water. Mine died because of too much water... It was a sad day.
  9. I do much more reading than I do posting... I just want to go with the quality before quantity type of thing...
  10. When I’m online, I’ve got it open!
  11. It appears that my old decks are doing alright in Wild... Gonna grind some new cards and see what happens... I’ll give you some tips, poke me on TS when I’m online!
  12. Buggeh#2857 I've also got an 80 gold quest to play with someone who has it as well.
  13. Only when playing Solo Standard for some reason... It's the Here-don't-be-mad-and-listen-to-this-music-thing. I'll hook you up with some awesome Solo Standard Tunes!