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  1. hi, i'm in the DI-IV and i just bought the division game, before i look on google to find some teamspeak to play with some guys i'm making this post to see if anyone got the game and want to play. if we manage to get somes people i think it would be nice to had this one to the DI-CI if it's possible i dont know or even do a division about it well if anyone got the game u can add me it would be nice : this is my steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFou/ this is my name on uplay : mrfouu
  2. What is your favorite color and why?

    mine i think is the orange dont know why but it kina relaxing me with also the blue
  3. well it wouldnt be a map exactly but i love the area of fallout 4 with all dlc specially nuka cola with the quest it kinda being boring area when u finish the quest of nuka cola dlc so i stick in the main map
  4. Roller Coasters!

    well eveytimes i'm going in roller coaster i get sick so wont goin in it anymore :(
  5. What do you do on a rainy day?

    well i must stay inside but love to watch rain and think about nothing and playing waiting the end of the rain
  6. Boneless or Traditional?

    eating real chicken is really better :)
  7. Hobbies everyone into?

    doing sport, video games, movie going ouside with friends
  8. thanks for the post dude i was looking for something like that too but didn't know how to ask this
  9. Whats your opinion on snow?

    snow is so beatifull and relaxing to watch i could sit and see snow falling for hours, i love to do ski also it's a really good thing to do
  10. i had pokemon and digimon if anyone see what this is i loved it
  11. marvel would be iron man with all his stuff he created wish to be able odo the same dc comics is definitly batman super vilain are the joker, he's caracter is just the best and catwoman
  12. What is everyone's favourite animal??

    definitly cat they are so nice to look and cute x)
  13. defininitly would be to know the impact of every choice i could make cauz some times i really scared about what to say or what to do since sometimes i dont really know what to do to get the situations better or the day end well
  14. Games for free to play

    u can try team fortress 2 really fun to play even more when u are many to play it, i really liked playing as enginner doing some turret and teleporters was really fun
  15. How tall are you?

    i'm actually about 1.70 mts but i wish to be more taller. it kinda nice to be a little more taller than everyone like to see around you especially in the street or public transport