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  1. It violates the EULA to buy accounts off of other players for any reason. I think it's ridiculous to spend money for cosmetic/level advantage, if that's even the point??? It takes almost no time to get to 25, then there's absolutely no difference between you and everyone else...
  2. I don't like that they edited a couple to fit together better. >_> But I can see what they mean.. Lol
  3. I'm afraid of all the Hanzo Mains that will feel bolstered by the possibility of "improvements"...
  4. Agree. Pushing that button is a time commitment from all five of your teammates and six enemies. You let them all down when you don't allocate enough time to finish what you started. Though one time I disconnected for half a second from a game and I reeeally tried to head back in afterwards and I was still screwed...
  5. I like Widow and all, but I think they're focusing too much on Butts McGee, but that seems to be an unpopular opinion. Lol
  6. Jolly cooperation!! I hate playing games alone. It feels weird and mole-ish.
  7. I... Never considered not opening my boxes... Now I want to leave them... But.. I like stuff...
  8. I use the Corsair Glaive. Fits better in my tiny baby hands than most gaming mice do. With bonus flashy lights! o:
  9. Earlier today I was playing with @EPICsnickers on FFA, Roadhog Versus Roadhog, and he slapped me in the face as I was ulting and it sent me into a weird stationary cartwheel. I laughed so hard. Hahaha.
  10. I think I started as Mercy because her controls were pretty straight forward.. I switched to Tracer almost immediately though, so I count her more as my first than Mercy since I actually had to learn her before I was even remotely effective... Haha.
  11. I believe they're giving him a new jump ability similar to Genji's, along with rapid fire rather than scatter arrow.