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  1. The things that annoys you ?

    People at my school annoy me the most. They all just stand there in the hallways between class blocking everyone’s way, as if they’re making a human obstacle course.
  2. How much time do you spend a day on DI forum.

    I'm sure I'm on it for about 3 hours total a day
  3. A country you want to go to ?

    I wanna visit the US. I've always wanted to go to New York
  4. Weekends

    I just play games and watch Netflix, but usually go to the movies with some friends
  5. Subs or Dub

    Subs of course, but there's a few exceptions like Death Note for example
  6. Your biggest fear.

    I'm a complete hypochondriac so I suppose becoming really sick is my biggest fear
  7. I bought a Venus Fly Trap :D

    That’s honestly pretty cool, definitely a different choice of plant
  8. Are you Left Handed or Right Handed ?

    I write with my right hand but I do a lot with my left as well
  9. Hey i am LePaw

    Welcome to DI!
  10. What are your childhood movies

    I remember watching Monster House or something like that a lot
  11. Members with nice handwriting, how?

    My handwriting is the worst and I'm surprised anyone can read it at all
  12. I don't get the new XP system?

    You get 1 XP for each post you make, 3 rep (12 XP) for every Other Event you attend, and 4 rep (16 XP) for each Community Event you attend. You also get 2 XP every day by just logging on.
  13. My first shiny was a Gastly in Diamond. I was walking through some haunted place I guess, I’m not sure where, but I encountered a shiny Gastly. I didn’t know about shinies at the time so I caught it and googled “blue gastly”. Pretty much discovered everything about shinies after that.
  14. Where are you from?

    I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada