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  1. How tall are you?

    5'6" or 1.69m
  2. Next Saturday I'm going to play Mass Effect DnD on Roll20 with friends. What are 5 things you'e good at?
  3. Horror films and audios. I've been thinking about reviewing all the obscure films I've watched and audio wise - there's a thing called r/pillowtalk that help people relax or get to sleep. :) Same question back.
  4. What TV shows are y'all watching?

    Rewatching Outlanders until the next season comes out in 2018 September* *approx.
  5. Nah, kids are just annoying. Are you into ASMR?
  6. How many cups of coffee a day?

    None because coffee is t r a s h
  7. Favorite Zombie Game/TV Show/Movie

    REC series: A great Spanish horror movie franchise. The American version of the first movie was better in terms of characters. I found the Spanish reporter to be way too annoying for me to relate with so I wanted her to die. Also, American version had really attractive firemen. The 3rd/4th movie of the REC series, is sort of controversial because of director change but I think it made it great in it's own way. It was comedic but still gory and kept suspense quite easily. In comparison, it's certainly lacks the previous "goosebumps" of its descendants but genuinely, it's not that bad to say it's ruined. It still retains the key element of whether zombies are caused supernaturally or by a virus - I think it's a lot like I am Legend the book where it depends on what the previous person was like. By the way, I Am Legend the book is much more complex than the movie and actually represent the "monsters" more human, explain how they burn in the sunlight and the real ending is much better than the movie. The movie is a measly pathetic attempt at another "hero vs monster" movie. It leeches helplessly on small ideas in the novel and the monsters are vampires! Not zombies! Warm Bodies: I really liked the movie, very funny but too short and didn't really like the ending. It seems like it didn't really much substance to it too. Frankly, I liked the book much better and the book seemed more aimed at older adolescence with mention of how zombies have sex and R being voyeur. ;) overall "neat". Also I love Rob Zombie! The more gore, obscure dialogue, misogynistic undertones, S & M references or general sex, the better! Also love myself some arsehole characters in VHS (great franchise too). Man, horror films are great! <3 <3
  8. Where are you from?

    South East England hoping to go West England or South Wales next year for Uni.
  9. Your most played game?

    300+ hours in Skyrim and probably Minecraft.
  10. I think when I was born, I found it hard to breath and nearly died but that doesn't count. Are we all born free?
  11. Literally the title. Have you ever been resuscitated?
  12. count

  13. Career Goals

    Hopefully go to university and do Psychology. Eventually get into psychotherapy. Or do some audio things because recent interest.
  14. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    "by all means marry. if you get a good wife, you'll be happy; if you get a bad wife, you'll become a philosopher." - Socrates "there is truth in wine and children" "the art of being a slave is to rule ones master" "Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty" - Plato "A jack of trades is a master of none but often times better than a master of one" "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back"