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  1. Favorite books?

    The "The Black Dagger Brotherhood" series :)
  2. Why did you join DI?

    To find Rocket League players who want to improve on their individual skill and teamplay as much as i do
  3. What film(s) have you seen more than 10 times?

    At least all of the Iron Man movies. I might have also seen I am Legend more than 10 times
  4. Lets see how it ends up being. As of now, it looks interesting (although i only played Rumble 1v1 tournaments so far :D)
  5. What Kind of Music Do You Listen to While Gaming?

    Currently im listening to the soundtrack of The Vikings Its amazing :)
  6. Put your two best song

    The first one definitely being on the funnier side ^^ The second one is just one epic piece of metalcore
  7. Introduction - glace

    Hey guys. A few of you may already know me, but pretty much 99% here don't, so i'm dropping this topic here if anyone is interested. I'm a 25 year old guy from Austria, focusing on playing Rocket League. Exactly that is the reason why i landed here, since i was looking for people to play with. I already tried searching for people for quite some time now, and always ended up playing alone or with some real-life friends way lower in rank than me (for fun). After being pretty busy in february, i haven't done much posting as of now and only attended two trainings so far. From what i have seen tho, this is pretty much what i was looking for. People show up in time and play on a skill level that i think i can work with and improve with. Hopefully everything goes to plan and ends up the way im expecting it :D