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  1. i totally agree. If you really tryhard i would recommend you to buy the premium features of this app as well. It gives you a lot of information.
  2. Played him a few times now and i see a big problem. The w and e spells can be dodged really easy. and the q has not the range to poke the enemy down that easy. And it is also hard to go 1v1 against melee.
  3. My largest win streak was about 18 games in duo q with Swain + Braum. At this time Swain was pretty good and braum made him near unkillable.
  4. like the other posters already said. In most cases there is no way to make them stop feeding. But if it is cause they are tilted of other players, i go and try to make them focus on the game again.
  5. Maxim/letsreadsmallbooks, specially the lol trends are really good.
  6. Evelyn and twitch. i hate the invisibility if i am laning. You can't ward well vs them, that's why i hate to play vs them. But teemo is also annoying with this shrooms.
  7. I like to use https://porofessor.gg/ it gives you detailed information over the weaknesses and strengthes about your, and the enemy team. Specially the bad warder helps a lot if you play jungle. So you know which lane to gank.
  8. ggj :) it is a good idea, but probably hard to use. You might send a request to the Legion TD developers if they have an API that you can use to automatically fills the sheet with numbers.
  9. i really don't like cross. I won the last i think 20 matches against cross simply with sneding till 5 and go saving for 8,11,15 after. I didn't lost 1 game against a cross this way. But if you really want play cross i think mech + grove might be fine.
  10. I think the spells are ok. But the transmute spell will be a hard one. If the enemy team saves a bit gold and goes only for units to counter 11, they can send a real real big send out of nowhere. This might become really crazy.
  11. I think this new spells will make this game crazy. Don't even know if this will be good or bad. But i don't like the wave buffs.
  12. Waffles or pancakes

    Of course waffles. And donÄt buy them in a normal store. Make them yourself or go and get some real fresh hot waffles with powdered sugar and hot cherries. It is awesome guy. specially in this cold time.
  13. razer mouse vs logitech mouse

    i prefer logitech cause most models simply match better to my hand
  14. AMD or NVIDIA?

    i like nvidia, but it is really expensive in difference to amd
  15. Whats your favourite TV show?

    prison break