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  1. Being able to predict the moves of your enemies is definitely important, but it's even more important to have awareness and a good sense of rotation. You can train on this by watching a lot of games from pro's and by analyzing your own games. There are some YT channels that can help you with all kind of skills :) I hoped this helped you a little bit xD
  2. I only use my keyboard to play this game :D If you would see my settings you would probably think I'm crazy xD, I believe I might be the only one with these weird settings: Steering: W,A,S,D Jump: Spacebar Ball cam: Q Boost: T Air roll: M Powerslide: M Air roll (left): J Air roll (right): L Ask @DizzGamez If you want to see controls that are even more confusing xD
  3. His background music in youtube vids are indeed very chill and I believe they come from a few small Soundcloud artists. I'd say go to Turtle's channel he uses the same kind of songs and he always puts it in the description as well :)
  4. I'd say watch some beginner tutorials on Youtube and try to practise with trainingpacks, freeplay but the best way of learning is too just play as much games as you can ;)
  5. Well I focused on the back of the car and the circle pretty much Show me ;)
  6. FUN CHALLENGE FOR KEYBOARD PLAYERS A while back I posted a video with an interesting dribbling challenge. I posted it in here as well, but sadly enough I haven't seen anyone else try it yet. This is the one-handed dribbling challenge, where you try to keep the ball on top of your car as long as possible by only using one hand. I recorded my hand in the video, so you can see it's 100% real. The time to beat = 6:37 It would be really fun to see more people try it, so good luck KB players ;) :) For anyone that wonders what controls I used: W, A, S, D = Directions to drive in T = Boost Spacebar = Jump
  7. Aight very nice, looking forward to see it! Don't you dare to forget to include me xD
  8. Why would you use a controller if there is a keyboard available? Being a keyboard warrior is the best thing there is. jokes xD
  9. Love the pace of the montage man, keep up the good work :)
  10. I tend to use the Octane the most, since I feel most comfortable in it. Whenever I feel like I'm playing shit I usually switch between dominus and batmobile. After a while I'll go back to octane. That is the usual cycle of favourite cars xD
  11. Very nice tips, I would add that practice in competitive is just as important as in training.
  12. This is the tool where we exposed @Migz with his boost abuse xD
  13. @DizzGamez , when will the next montage be online?