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  1. Cooking a high calorie meal in jail

  2. Cooking a high calorie meal in jail

    Hey @JonnyBnator I have some good cooking recipes for you! So you can get some muscle gain when you training :D
  3. I chose the picture and the name because i have always been different. Dreaming since i was teenage of leading army and be responsible for others people. On the road in my job i met some low stack who stole the power. And every one believe orders comes higher up. Maximus is not corrupted and he will bring order back to the right owner. When other people is failing :) And one more ting. He loves to fight!
  4. Hobbies everyone into?

    I would recommend to start learn different sauce. Learn how to make brown and white sauce. When you know how to do this basic. You will get allot of confident in learning more. And it is easy to understand other tings.
  5. Shoes send you pizza!

    It is true :)
  6. Shoes send you pizza!

    I would like to have these ones. On party you just push on the buttons and it order pizza for you. Pizza and some beers on the doorstep u would be the king for the night :D
  7. Make some one happy

    This is one of my philosophy in life. Do this with one friend or one girl or just one person :)
  8. Is water wet?

    I think this guy have a point!
  9. Is water wet?

    Word is made up so you understand what the meaning means. I am sure you can find word that those not fit accurate in. But you still have learn what the word means. That is how language is guys. In many countries you can find one word that have many meanings just on how you are expressing in current situation. England have many words on many tings but still they can have one word that can means other tings too. Word can also be created by tings that make similar sounds. But end of the day, you learn what the word means by what you are told.
  10. What's the best colour?

    If you travel down to France you will see the best blue sky in world!
  11. First time gold in Biathlon!
  12. Put your two best song

    Sometimes we get bored of your favorite song.It need to be a song you like allot. But it need to be international so we understand the language of the music. It can be every thing you wish. Political or good fashion birds messages :D ;)