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  1. Ringtones

    I also use a "I am Groot" notification sound :D
  2. Who is going to see this movie!!!?? I read the book and am super excited about it. Here is the trailer, and it is full of Easter eggs...!
  3. Ringtones

    Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition (tavern songs)
  4. Today I am talking about cosplay apparently. I found this video today on YouTube, and I love it: If you could cosplay as any League champion, who would you go as? I want to go as Star Guardian Janna so bad, but if I were skinny I would go as Soraka ha ha.
  5. Cosplay?

    Not sure if this is general discussion or off-topic, but do any of you cosplay? I have done it a few times, but I have never done a gaming costume. One reason I haven't done much cosplay is because I have been behind the camera doing cosplay videos! This is one of mine: Anyways, if you HAVE cosplayed (as anything), share a picture! I don't have a good picture, but one year I was The Invisible Woman.... ^ me (visible though) ha ha
  6. Bartender anyone?

    Oh God...no.... lol I am not a whiskey fan, and just the tequila on top! ew! Rum I will take.
  7. Bartender anyone?

    Are any of you bartenders or has anyone been one before? Or maybe you just like mixing liquor drinks? I am always in search of cool liquor drinks I can make without having to buy 5 kinds of liquor. For example, tonight I made a Caipirinha: muddle lime and sugar, add crushed ice and then 1-1/2 oz. Cahacha. This is a Brazilian liquor. Anyways, help me out! Post some awesome liquor drinks here:
  8. React to the GIF above you with another GIF!

    but...but... I swear this is animated.....
  9. Favorite Restaurant

    What is a restaurant you love to eat at and what do you order? I love Smokey's pizza in Tucker, GA. All their pizzas are named after rock stars and have crazy ingredients. I usually get one with a pesto or white sauce. I love cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. Other than that, I love eating at different restaurants all the time so not sure if I have a specific place i mind.
  10. Shameless plug for my event tonight- Learn to play Osu! A lot of top League players learn Osu! to get quicker reflexes. We will be playing starting at 9p eastern (US).
  11. Anyone know how to make jasmine rice?

    Recipe for rice (any kind I think) Put this shit in a pot: 1 c. rice 2 c. water 1 T. butter pinch or two of salt Boil, then cover and turn to low for 10 minutes. After that, turn off burner, stir, and cover again. Let sit on burner another 15 minutes. Hope this helps.
  12. The most awesome thing you have cooked lately?

    I completely understand! My husband went through a french bread obsession for a while and always wanted "help." I really think making bread is hard.
  13. Me Driving

    Unfortunately, I may have to go to a baseball event in a few hours. Hopefully, I will be at Morning Tea.