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  1. I love you ex-Commander of DI-XVI.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Papastache


      Whoever is avoiding you can lick my toes while you and I eat tacos ;) giggity.

    3. Innari
    4. ArMor
  2. Lost Power

    I miss my old house. We had underground power and NEVER lost a damn thing. Sigh, those were the good ol’ Days.
  3. Lost Power

    Haha thanks for this. It was funny! If you lose power and can’t host the event you should be fine. Just let your Commander/Vice know ahead of time and send a PM to those attending to let them know as well.
  4. Lost Power

    Hey guys, I won’t be on much today. I lost power from the snow storm we had last night into this morning. I’ll be active via website but as far as TeamSpeak does, no can do. @Bent @Hyakki and anyone else who cares lmfao.
  5. Tea or Coffee?

    Coffee every single morning. America runs in Dunkin’!
  6. Friendly’s is the real MVP for making a foot delivery to me since I can’t leave work. Lol

  7. If you`re reading this...

    Shooting the shit with my boys @Physics and @DrPhilandChill
  8. TinyChat Damage Inc.

    Everyone’s beautiful okay. Never degrade yourselves :)
  9. TinyChat Damage Inc.

    Hey everyone, I want you all to vote on whether or not I create a TinyChat for our use only. For those that don’t know what TinyChat is, it’s a video chatting service that allows us to obviously video chat with each other. The community I was in used to have one and it really brought people closer to one another and we used it even playing games, it’s also mobile as well. So if you’re comfortable with showing your face whenever you want within the -DI- Community, vote upon this!
  10. Ever had a bully?

    I’ve been bullied once while I was in Middle school. This kid thought he was all that and a bag of chips in front of his friends. He would shove me into lockers, call me names, try to embarrass me, and kept calling me out to fight him ONLY when his friends were around. So finally, I’ve had enough. One morning he was all by himself and we crossed paths and he tried to step in front of me, I wasn’t having it. So I grabbed him by his throat, grabbed his shoulder, and pinned him against the wall and told him “You’re not so fucking tough in front of your friends now are you Bitch boy?” Then after he gasped for air he apologized and ever since then, no ones bothered and I’ve stuck up for people getting bullied. I’ll still do it to this day. Bullying causes depression for others and I don’t stand for someone else causing mental harm to another innocent human being.
  11. Gold Subscription

    Howdy fam, Ya boy Papa just subbed for Gold ;) Just thought I’d share that. Hahaha
  12. What do you do on a rainy day?

    You should never have your computer by a window! But on a rainy day..I work. OMEGALUL
  13. What languages do you speak?

    I can speak sarcasm pretty fluently <3
  14. Dumbest Game You've Purchased

    The dumbest game I have ever purchased was Getting Over It. After 20 minutes of playing, I almost broke my TV. LUL