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  1. What could you do with $2

    Get a chocolate
  2. Ever had a bully?

    I've never had someone even try to bully me physically, but there were 2 chicks who were continuously insulting me and did their best to ruin my reputation all around the city which...sucked big time.
  3. How tall are you?

    1.78m, hopefully will get to 1.80m at least
  4. After wasting a few years on German I would like to learn some French
  5. A country you want to go to ?

    I've seen half of Europe, but still not Sweden, I would really like to go there...and outside Europe - Canada
  6. Favorite Movie

    300...Will always love it
  7. Are you Left Handed or Right Handed ?

    I'm right handed, but cause of a tennis injury that led to an operation I've been using my left one for quite a lot of things so it developed some more coordination
  8. Hobbies everyone into?

    Creating pixel art & cosplaying ^^
  9. Electro Music Thread.

  10. Any woodkid fans?

  11. Whats your preferred listening application?

    Spotify Premium all the way
  12. Favorite Anime OST?

    Most of the opening and ending songs of Naruto are absolutely awesome, plus the opening theme of Death Note's second season.
  13. gaming playlist

    Hope you like 'em ^^
  14. Current playlist?

  15. Do you like all kinds of music?

    Perhaps the only genre I would never listen to is the so called ""popfolk" that's trending in my country and it's absolutely disgusting.