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  1. Name and Steam Link: DI Lalasan http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198246184812/ Current highest rank in Rocket League: champion 1 What can you help other players with the most: rotation / saves Are you willing to coach multiple players or just one: i just wanna coach one Do you have any players you prefer to coach: gold + or higher
  2. i think this was destiny ... you should date each other lol
  3. i hope next time when you meet team E you will bat them easily :v
  4. yeah there are always on the enemy team thats so unlucky :c
  5. yeah thats was really unlucky with fresh and destro :c i couldnt enjoyed the game
  6. this is pretty funny to meet other di members in matchmaking haha x)
  7. devilman crybaby

    mhhh oki c:
  8. razer mouse vs logitech mouse

    i would prefer logi
  9. devilman crybaby

    what for a rating would you give the anime