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  1. Name and Steam Link: @Skippy7547 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Skippy7547 Current highest rank in Rocket League: Champ 1 div 2 What do I want to improve at the most: -> I tend to stay further back than I should which then makes me late to plays -> From ^ I end up playing slower than I need to and need to play faster -> I'm having an issue being able to read the play rather than just react to it as it puts me out of position and I dont notice it until after it happens -> I need practice passing effectively -> I need to learn a better way of outplaying my opponent -> I need to learn a better way to defend when players are on walls or in the corner, when they do a double touch read off the crossbar, and when they do a passing play in the middle of the field that gets by all of us. I've been getting scored by these specifically rather often and I need to learn how to deal with them. -> Need to learn better boost management -> Improvement in wall play/wall to air, ground play -> My 1's play is rather poor and needs alot of work Do you have a preferred member to coach you: Not that I know of no or @Stigment
  2. I mean 1 month before is a bit too late tbh
  3. When the game came out I legit just mained Tracer just to annoy people and still to this day I have way too many hours
  4. I want to say not much of a move but rather your own mindset is the hardest thing to do. Your own mind set can either improve or ruin your game experience
  5. This is what I usually run I saw on pro use this gold accent aesthetic and I've kinda just picked it up and used it ever since
  6. People that I can play with more often than not, around my skill level, and that I can verbally talk to. Idk why but If we cant talk I just perform worse its weird. I also dont like getting new teammates constantly since Im not sure what they are capable of and I have a hard enough time reading the people I face >_<
  7. I only play music when I am playing by myself and/or If I happen to be playing bad, kinda use the music so that I dont get upset about my performance in game.
  8. I would have went this past year if they didnt say where it would be hosted last minute >_<
  9. Give me Suggestions

    This list is a few months old but this is everything I have either seen or am going to watch https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xlYFKk0nTCnMXXg2pHI1fjsg2wnlEmgOsKQ3ZT9Co94/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Any time I have ever tried a new car, there is always something I dont like about it. I usually just end up doing Octane but venom is a close 2nd