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  1. What is Your Favorite 90's TV Show?

    Friends! Funniest show! I love watching it before going to bed and while eating breakfast
  2. What film(s) have you seen more than 10 times?

    Flubber with Robin Williams and Home Alone
  3. I think scatter arrow is fine but does need a nerf (less arrows and less damage). If they absolutly need to change his ability, i cant think of a better idea than stun arrow. A stun for 2 seconds would be perfect!
  4. Favourite Strategy Game

    hearthstone when im alone and monopoly when im with friends/family :)
  5. If you were 5 again, What would you do?

    play on my gamecube and gameboy, legendary consoles!
  6. Lil Pump - "Designer" Lyrics (Clean)

    i dont get how this guy represents rap/hip-hop these days... dont get me wrong, his beats can be lit, but his lyrics/flow? absolute sh*t! beatmakers and producers should get all the credit for his fame tbh.
  7. Any GoT fans? [NO SPOILERS]

  8. Any GoT fans? [NO SPOILERS]

    True! Im in for the fan watching! I recently started watching Vikings and love it. Ill start Westworld when im done with that! Anyways, next GoT season comes out in 2019, so i have a lot of time for other series. Thanks for the ideas :)
  9. Childhood memories

    I remember playing soccer at the ball park next to my school with my friends everyday after classes when I was in elementary school. Elementary school was so fun and easy, I could just laugh and play with my friends all day, as if it was always the weekend. I lived (and still live) close to the ball park, so I can come home in time for supper everyday. My mom would prepare crazy good food every night; life was easy. I had a smile on my face 24/7. To this day, 10 years later, I'm still best friends with the boys I played soccer with after school and still come home and eat like a king. I'm so grateful for having good friends, family, and a fun and entertaining childhood. Any of u have great childhood memories?
  10. What do you do on a rainy day?

    Rainy days when you don't have to go outside are the post! I usually watch Netflix, play video games by myself, or board games with family. Rainy days don't make u feel bad for staying inside, they make you feel good and cozy :) In Canada, rainy days are rare because of winter and hot summers. I also always have school and work, so I can never stay inside whenever it rains :( I miss being a kid, when going outside was fun.
  11. Hobbies everyone into?

    I produce beats on my computer and post them on Soundcloud. Music is my passion. I also play video games lol
  12. Any Game Of Thrones fans? I love the show, the actors, the books, the author, the theories, and conspiracies about the whole story. I watched and read eveeything about GoT and could talk about it for days. Comment what u think about the show/books, rate it, and say what u love/hate the most about it! NO SPOILS PLEASE
  13. Fav game as a kid

    Rock Band on the Wii omg! Im a pro drummer now because of that game. Tony Hawk pro skater 2, Lego Star Wars and Need for Speed were the games i played the most tho, on the GameCube (the best console ever). I still play on my gamecube when im tired of my PC.. ahah
  14. I think shes one of the best characters of the game, but only if you have good aim. Shes hard to hit because shes slim and she can easily get picks from across the map because of her scope. The only thing that sucks about her is her ult. I think it should do some kind of damage to the enemies. Slowing down targets who get hit when ult is active could be an idea...
  15. Id say support, but only if youre good at it. A good support can carry a team and get u so many wins, its underrated.