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    games, fishing, camping, working on cars, and racing. :)
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  1. um just watching it on youtube lol :) loved to see something completely different. :) played rocket league about 3 days and lol for bout a yr
  2. Krackers is my name lol. Looking forward to getting to know all yall and game alot with yall cant wait. Just shoot me a friends request:)
  3. hey everyone

    thanks :)! @mjv96 is that pic from space balls lol
  4. hey everyone

    hey everyone and thanks for having me be apart of ur awesome community. I been looking for a good solid group to join up with for games for along time. And seeing the diversity of games yall have and play, is just awesome. And seeing all these people coming together dont ofter see a clan so organized and well put together. I just started playing rocket league and im already in love with the game and getting better every day. im also play LoL quite a bit too. And look forward to getting more game to play with the community. Hope to game with all of you in the near future and join in on some of yalls awesome events :)!!!!