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  1. Just out of curiosity, what would you want Mega Wobbuffet to have as an ability and or type?
  2. The only thing that currently comes to mind is Opelucid City and another track which I can't quite seem to find the name of.
  3. Water/Fighting Samurott that stands on two legs or Mega Goodra. Both would be pretty cool.
  4. Yeah this is something they need to change. Having those Pokemon as shinies doesn't feel very special if they look nearly identical to the original.
  5. Oshawott/Samurott ---> Make them all the same color as shiny Dewott. This one just bothers me as none of them follow the same color scheme. Turtwig/Grotle ---> Make them all the same color as shiny Torterra. I couldn't really think of a better way to fix this line ;-;. Zoroark ---> Make it have the same color scheme as shiny Zorua. The blue of Zorua looks so much better imo. Mewtwo ---> Make its tail blue like Mew. Why green? When I've got some more time I'll add on to this.
  6. I did the same! I caught a Bronzong and once I discover what was wrong with that I thought releasing it would give me the ball back...
  7. While I'm ashamed to say this, my earliest moment I can recall is when I ran into a Shiny Starly in Diamond. I had no clue what shiny Pokemon were and though "oh that must mean it's about to evolve. I already have a Starly so I'll just run." I regret it OMG, I was also stuck in Jubilife City for a month! Though I didn't bother reading the text at the time and didn't realise I had to talk to the clowns...
  8. Mime Jr. for sure. It might just be because of Jame's Mime Jr. from the anime or the fact that it's available as a Partner Pokemon in Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia... so yeah, nostalgia.
  9. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to DI!
  10. I believe there's still a weekly tourney running on the Pokken Reddit/Discord! There's a post every week with a link which allows you to join.
  11. Definitely spend a lot of time going up against CPUs (Either in the Ferrum League or a custom battle). While this might evoke some bad habits, you can get a grasp of the match-ups, and other aspects of your fighter. Training mode is also an amazing way to get to know your main. Learn all of its attacks (I personally did not do this in the past and got destroyed in mirror matches as my opponents were using unknown moves) and maybe try to learn the time each move takes to activate (this helps in a situation where the next hit ends it all). The last bit is to play Ranked and Friendly Battles. By playing online you'll fight a variety of people: new players, veteran players, etc. You will end up losing battles while doing this (Especially in Friendlies as you can go up against ANYONE), but that's the point. These battle will allow for a better understanding of every fighter. In the end there's truly one piece of advice: Practice. You can find character guides online and memorize the combos, but if you don't put in the time to practice them you won't gain the experience required to master your fighter. Sorry that this "advice" was pretty vague. There's actually a Pokken Reddit that has links to different Discord servers that are filled with people if you need help with your specific fighter overall. Good luck!
  12. Definitely Turtwig... though it might be due to it being my first starter ever.
  13. I'd definitely attend! A trivia event sounds fun. Since some parts of Pokemon have changed drastically from its origin, this event could be challenging and enjoyable.
  14. Sun & Moon were actually revealed at the end of February so there's still a chance for a later reveal. However, I personally believe it'll still be early 2019 release as 2018 is a bit early.